Paul Kay

Paul Kay



Nightwatch Warp

We experience art through multiple frames of reference. It is said that the typical visitor to a museum spends but eight seconds with each object on display. With the passage of time, our memory of a piece of art is therefore distorted. The warping of artist Paul Kay’s image of Rembrandt’s “Nightwatch” provokes reflection on experience and memory, especially as our digital world becomes more and more instantaneous.

About The Artist

Paul Kay, an associate professor emeritus of environmental studies, has been a keen amateur photographer for about 60 years. From earlier interest in capturing instants quicker than the blink of an eye he has moved to considering what persists over long durations. His current project explores the
juxtaposition of the fleeting and the unchanging in museum and gallery settings. Much of his work is digitally based, and he also employs analogue techniques including pinhole photography.