Molly Gambardella

Molly Gambardella



Vitale is an exploration and dedication to the artist’s grandmother, Philomena, who lost a decade-long battle with Alzheimer's in 2016. Philomena had a true talent for singing, soloing with Leonard Bernstein in his "Mass" at Yale and in Vienna, Austria. Despite the disease growing stronger, Philomena's memory of her performance never faded; she would routinely and proudly tell her grandchildren the colourful details each time they visited her. In her final days, a video recording of this life-defining performance became available for the first time in four decades. Upon showing it to her, it was as if the disease, if only for a moment, was silenced. She remembered everything.

This piece honours that special memory, which not even Alzheimer's could take away from her. The title of the piece is Philomena's maiden name Vitale, meaning "of life.”

About The Artist

Molly Gambardella is an up-and-coming American artist who works in screen printing, 2D & 3D media.

Before earning a degree in Illustration this year, Gambardella’s work (most notably, “Color Blind”) was shared, celebrated and commissioned by private clients from around the world.

Gambardella’s work has been featured in Girl Talk Art Magazine, Business InsiderBored Panda and Wix, among others. She received her BFA at Paier College of Art and currently lives and works as a freelance artist and scenic painter in Connecticut.