Michael Rennick

Michael Rennick


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Where Is Home?

Rennick’s sculpture is a companion piece to his first Yogen Früz Brain Project entry, further examining memory, home and nostalgia. The piece consists of wood, found objects and acrylic painting to create a dimensional village connected by stairs, antennae and clotheslines. This represents the connectivity of memories, how they become entangled and how they can also sometimes be mysterious and confusing. Our memories of home can be both comforting and triggering, and are constantly evolving.

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About The Artist

Michael Rennick is a mixed media artist based in Toronto, where he studied Drawing and Painting at OCAD. Michael grew up in rural Ontario and his inspiration often comes from nature, wilderness, the idea of the unknown and the nostalgia and associations to “home.” His practice involves incorporating found items, organic materials, hand-crafted miniatures, sculpture and traditional painting. He enjoys pushing the boundaries between art and craft.