Megan Wappel

Megan Wappel


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Clouded Clarity

This piece represents a life fulfilled and legacy never forgotten. Each section of the brain is curated to depict its most fascinating functions. Laser cut acrylic is used to symbolize areas of the brain that develop emotions, relationships, senses, knowledge, movement and creativity built throughout a person’s life. Clear acrylic was used to represent these actions and memories disappearing for an individual struck with dementia. The structure of what built these memories still remains; the impact the individual had on their surroundings will never be erased. The clarity of their existence will forever be remembered.

Dedicated to Megan’s Grandpa Joe.

About The Artist

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Megan Wappel set out to obtain her degree in Fashion Communications and Marketing at Ryerson University in Toronto.

She is now the owner and designer of Megan Wappel Designs, an event and graphics firm that has built a reputation for creative, innovative events, both large and intimate, where not one detail is left behind.

With over a decade of design experience in styling, graphics, editorial design and event design, Megan provides a full service experience in her events to ensure cohesiveness in all creative executions. She and her team have orchestrated events in Toronto, New York, California, Italy and beyond.