Mary Ann Grainger

Mary Ann Grainger

Mary Ann Grainger



Pop Art

Who doesn't have happy memories of blowing big, bright bubbles? You blow and blow and the bubble gets bigger and bigger – and then pop! It's gone. Unfortunately, like a perfectly blown bubble, memories can disappear in an instant. With research into Alzheimer's and dementia, we can help keep those bubbles from popping.

This sculpture is dedicated to the amazing doctors and scientists who are working hard to help keep our memories alive.

About The Artist

Mary Ann Grainger is an emerging artist in Toronto and is thrilled to be returning to the 2018 Yogen Früz Pinkberry Brain Project. Motivated by the power of art to stimulate debate and enact social change, she is happy to be able to again help to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s. She is eager to apply what she learned about working with plexiglass for her 2017 sculpture to this year’s sculpture, which incorporates bold colour and child-like whimsy. Grainger’s work is held in private collections across Canada.

Grainger is forever grateful to the benefactor of The Al Green Sculpture Studio, the late Al Green, who passed away last year from Alzheimer’s. His generosity constantly inspires her to utilize her art for the benefit of others.