Loren Kaplan

Loren Kaplan



Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that Loren Kaplan has used repeatedly in different ways. It has been used through time by artists and philosophers depicting perfect form, proportion and sacred geometry. In this sculpture, the cracked porcelain is symbolic of the fragility of our lives.

About The Artist

Loren Kaplan has been a practising professional ceramic artist and teacher since the mid-1990s, initially in South Africa and then in Canada after moving to Toronto in 2013. In her work, she has attempted to integrate symbolic, visual, tactile and spiritual values blending form, function and meaning. Her work resonates with light, sound, pattern and texture.

Kaplan’s work includes one-off pieces that are created by coiling and hand-building as well as specialized ranges of thrown work. The surfaces of the vessels are carved, sculpted or engraved with intricate patterns and symbols that combine the geometric and organic.

She has also made ranges of porcelain lighting created by piercing, slip-trailing and resisting intricate patterns through which the light resonates.

There are many diversities and extremes that she tries to hold and balance within her life and work – the white porcelain and black basalt clay; the closed, lidded and the open form; the tiny and the large. Within them all, they hold the silence and meditation of the making, the time, the process and the attention to detail.

Kaplan makes vessels because containers are about potential. Her focus is on the space in-between; defined spaces of emptiness making room for something to be held.