Justin Blayney

Justin Blayney

Theta Star

This Brain Project painting is in artist Justin Blayney’s space/colour series. Theta is a brainwave state associated with sleep and deep meditation as we focus inward.

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About The Artist

Justin Blayney creates geometric shapes with acrylic paint to create optical illusions and thought-provoking contemporary art. His current work is a mixture of pixelated patterns, portraits and figures and is always looking for ways to combine the three into new work.

With a background in graphic design and all his artwork starting in Photoshop, Blayney is able to fully realize his vision from start to finish. He owns Darkstar Media, a Toronto-based web development company which allows him to blend both the creative and technical. His current artistic direction is mimicking the computer and how computers generate images.

In many ways his work is a reflection on how we view life. When we are close to a situation we can get lost in the small details, but when we step back, we see the whole picture and everything becomes clear.

Art is Blayney’s stress relief and it allows him to get through every day with a sense of purpose and worth. He invites everyone to share his work.