Janice Roberts

Janice Roberts


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Mindfulness Sherrye

Flowers have been known to have a positive effect on the brain. They elevate mood, reduce stress and even help people heal faster through their colour and symbolism. Janice’s inspiration for this piece comes from a friend who had a serious brain injury due to a car accident. Her friend has made significant improvements over the past 10 years through her involvement with mindfulness and nature. Janice has also witnessed several relatives and close friends become afflicted by brain disorders, spurring her desire to get involved in the Brain Project.
Dedicated to Jack Gelfond, Sherrye Mosoff and Robert Cohen.

About The Artist

Janice Roberts is a Canadian-born artist. She’s had a passion for art for over 35 years, which took off in her early 20s when she started a hand-painted clothing business and expanded into creating faux finishings in homes throughout the GTA. Over the last few years, she has rediscovered her style for creating vibrant and colourful floral paintings.