Holly Atkinson

Holly Atkinson

Holly Atkinson



Mind Over Metal

Bronze pieces are fused together to create spider-like fragments that resemble the complex labyrinth of neurons or nerve cells. These cells are vital as they perform all of the communication and processing within the brain.

About The Artist

Holly Atkinson is a multimedia artist who earned her BFA at the University of Toronto/Sheridan College and also studied in Paris, France.

She has worked as a mural artist, graphic artist, wax technician, mould maker, patineur and restoration specialist. She also designs and creates her own sculpture. Her work has been exhibited, juried and purchased throughout North America, Africa and Iceland.

Atkinson utilizes a variety of unique materials to create works that are imaginative and contemporary. She has designed pieces for awards, memorials, religious ceremonies, commissions and collections. She is a member of The Sculptors Society of Canada and Medallic Art Society of Canada. Her home and studio are located in the city of Guelph.