Helen George

Helen George


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The artist’s design, called 24/7, is a maze which contains a hidden word within its walls. The message she wants to convey is that mental illness is not UNCOMMON and the crazy maze of thoughts and feelings occurring in our brains is okay. It is okay to call for HELP. Because it never stops. It's 24/7. So, we need to lose the stigma surrounding mental illness and keep the lines of communication open, because mental illness isn't going away any time soon.

About The Artist

Helen Una George is an emerging new artist, working primarily with acrylics and mixed media. With a background in architecture as well as graphic design, her abstract style is known to be bold and striking in monochrome tones. She often combines clean, linear shapes together with raw, organic forms – which note her constant battle between rigid classical training versus fluid movements. Helen lives and works in Toronto.