Heather Black

Heather Black

Heather Black


I Love You

Artist Heather Black painted a fictional scenario that she has not experienced firsthand. It’s not that this moment did not exist. It is inspired by a photo that was shared in social media. Black happened to see it among the millions of images she sees in a day. But that’s not what’s important; what’s important is that out of all of those images, this one stayed with her – not necessarily in her mind, but in her heart (the details of the shot may not even be accurate). It was the words “I love you” broadcast loud and clear that stuck. “I love you,” perhaps the most salient expression of emotion in the English language, reminded her that people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia can remember emotions even after they forget the actual event that caused those emotions.

About The Artist

Heather Black is a contemporary Canadian artist who creates hyper-realistic, large-scale paintings of beautiful yet fleeting moments, often inspired by images she sees in social media. Her most recent work uses a self-developed medium from all natural, non-toxic materials such as organic activated charcoal, honey, clove essence and water. The result is similar to watercolour, with a distinct “grainy” quality. She paints with only one colour, making way for black and white paintings that are both consistent and complex.

She graduated with a BFA from mount Allison University in 2006, where she completed a public sculpture for the wildlife foundation in Cooksville, NB and was selected among the most promising artists from across Canada to exhibit at Studio 21 in Halifax, NS.

She has spent the past decade bringing together her love for human sciences, art and commerce, helping Canada’s leading brands develop and define their distinct “brand identities” as strategist and creative director. She now lives in Trinity Bellwoods with her husband and works as an artist full time.