Harm Huibers

Harm Huibers




The artist has created a brain made up of many puzzle pieces. The brain represents a complex and intricate design that, when complete, is a beautiful and complete puzzle. Unfortunately, diseases like Alzheimer's take pieces out of the puzzle and render the brain incomplete. By investing in research and development of new medicine, we may be able to restore those puzzles in the future again, one piece at a time.

About The Artist

Harm Huibers is an industrial designer who trained in The Netherlands and now lives in Toronto. He mainly designs lifestyle products, furniture and lighting. He designs with passion and conveys this enthusiasm through his products. Huibers is the founder of Huibs Design, where the philosophy revolves around minimalism and the concept that less is more.  He has recently been selected for a Young Professional Red Dot Award (2018) and has received the ”Most Innovative Design” award from Philips for his product design.