Harm Huibers

Harm Huibers


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A lot of remedies and cures are directly inspired from nature-related events. Penicillin is one of those great examples of learning from nature and working together to create something useful. This is what the artist is trying to trigger with this abstract ''Brainature'' design. Is it coral in the ocean that we should study? Or is it trees on land? To be able to study these unknowns we should go out there and explore! To be able to conduct this vital research, help is needed in every way, shape or form.

About The Artist

Harm Huibers is an industrial designer trained in The Netherlands and now living in Toronto. He mainly designs lifestyle products, furniture and lighting. One of his most important traits is designing his products with passion. Harm is the founder of Huibs Design. Their philosophy revolves around minimalism and the concept that less is more. He was selected for a Young Professional Red Dot Award (2018) and received the ”Most Innovative Design” award from Philips.