Emily Carriere

Emily Carriere


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Blurred Lines

A blurred abstract watercolour painting serves as the background, highlighting sections of the brain; highlighting the moments and memories that make up who we are. A growth of iridescent petals, the projection we show the world, casts colourful shadows in its wake. We are multifaceted. We are the idea, the image, and the shadow it casts; the impression it leaves in the mind. When the shadow fades and flickers, what remains of who we are?

About The Artist

Emily Carriere resides in Toronto where she works as an artist. She creates intricate cut-out vinyl and acrylic artworks. She works intuitively, letting the process take over, which allows the work to reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. The results are abstract images which can be interpreted an endless variety of ways depending on the viewer’s experiences, memories and history.