Eden Bender

Eden Bender




Connect/Disconnect is a fibrous blue landscape engulfed in pods. This blue space represents communication with those in this world. The pods are those memories we have experienced throughout our lives.

Through predominant relationships, autism spectrum disorder reveals a different way to experience the world. The ASD brain has the inability to socialize naturally leaving a sense of isolation. Alternatively, ASD can also present inconceivable gifts, like brilliant stars in the midst of darkness.

About The Artist

Eden Bender is an established Toronto-based sculptor and painter. Through her volunteer commitments with non-profit organizations, Bender’s work has been influenced by the adversity of the human condition.

She graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and has received numerous awards including the Odette Sculpture Award and the Ontario Arts Council Award. Bender’s work is in private and public collections, and has been featured in multiple publications and exhibits internationally.