David Krovblit

David Krovblit

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The Garden

This sculpture is part of "The Garden" series, which tells the story of our existence. The brain itself is overflowing with new growth of flora; reaching beyond the interior; trying to make new connections. This brain sculpture follows the style and genre that David continues to explore: hand-cut collage. The many layers were carefully cut and assembled by hand to create the final piece. He then applied a gloss of resin to seal it together for permanence, making it pop with colour and contrast.

About The Artist

David Krovblit collage art blends original and referenced imagery to produce highly unique, conceptual pieces steeped in allegory and social commentary.
David bridges new and old methods. He uses digital techniques to manipulate, scale and print images at various sizes, then reverts to hand-cutting and pasting for the final product. A gloss of resin seals the images together; the layers evident upon close inspection.

“Art is the question and the answer.” – David Krovblit