Daniel Mazzone

Daniel Mazzone

Daniel Mazzone


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Stop and Smell the Flowers

The concept behind this brain is the idea of stopping to enjoy the small things in life, the ones we take for granted. Many of us take the simple things for granted - things like having a healthy brain that allows us to enjoy these moments. So "Stop and smell the flowers."

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About The Artist

Daniel Mazzone comes from an artistic family. Growing up in Toronto, he became interested in the composition and production of stained glass at a young age.

Mazzone began exhibiting his work at both the Canadian Heritage Art Company and at Hazelton Fine Art Gallery in 2013. A year later, his art was displayed at the Toronto International Art Fair where it caught the attention of numerous top art collectors and his reputation grew.

Since then, Mazzone has been making waves nonstop across North America. Mazzone continues his journey of creative exploration and pushing the envelope with his unique style.