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Self Reflection

We have all been raised to self-reflect and consider who we are, what we want and where we are going. Our view of ourselves is frequently based on how we were raised, educated and treated as children. As we age, we see ourselves further reflected in our families, friends and more generally in how successfully we have navigated employment and financial stability. We often subscribe to the media’s rigid, impenetrable polished ideals that are framed in clear-cut definitions of identity and beauty. “Self Reflection” visually depicts these tendencies while gently reminding us of how aging and disease can also provide new self-images. Though clouded, our self-portraits can also become softer and more deeply beautiful.

About The Artist

Creators of Objects is a design company that produces original artworks and design-pieces in small production runs.

Collaborating with specialists and the custom interior design industry, they bring sketches to life and concepts to reality.

Principals and creative partners for over two decades, Joanne Byrne and Jonathan de Swaaf have worked with a vast array of materials and processes to execute personal and commissioned projects. Current specialties include hand-gilding glass with precious metal-leaf to create modern mirrors using traditional methods. They also cast resin furniture and home decor accessories.

Their celebrated aesthetic combines hand-crafted traditionalism with artistic cutting-edge design.

They create sleek and unadorned with the same enthusiasm as the sumptuously ornate and often combine both in refined home and commercial environments.

They embrace challenges and love to solve design problems with timeless artistic solutions.