Brad Emsley

Brad Emsley


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From Making to Thinking

Toronto's unprecedented building boom is reflective of the economic shift from the manufacturing economy to the knowledge economy. It is particularly acute in the area known as the railway lands and surrounding area.

About The Artist

Brad Emsley is an artist whose areas of study include social sustainability of cities and the urban, civic and collective identities of cities. His work also includes urban and revitalization issues and concepts facing, in particular, the heavily populated and historically industrial areas of North America such as Canada’s Quebec City-Windsor corridor and America’s rust belt. Brad was born and raised in Brantford, Ontario, moved to Ottawa to study architecture and has since returned to Southern Ontario. His collection of work is made up of drawing pen and ink and pencil, scratchboard and mixed media three-dimensional pieces. Brad has been involved in architecture, design and art projects in various cities. His work has been displayed in galleries, private collections and used in commercial applications. He has also lectured at universities and public forums.