Antonio Caballero

Antonio Caballero


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The Routine Ride

For many Torontonians, streetcars represent a part of their daily routine. They are a unique aspect of Toronto’s transportation system and are familiar to everyone in the city. Visually, they are a powerful symbol of how it becomes second nature for people to move around in big cities without thinking about it. Our commute is an example of something that becomes embedded in the subconscious of city dwellers and will not be easily erased from our memory.

About The Artist

Antonio Caballero is a Toronto-based mixed media visual artist. He has been creative for as long as he can remember, frequently winning art competitions throughout school. He has spent the last 15 years working in two areas related to his passion and skills: miniature and life-size model making for television and exhibitions, and interior renovations and carpentry. He studied special effects in both Chile and Canada.
Antonio appreciates how the refined aspects of woodwork, whimsical colours and miniature models can capture snapshots of life. This has inspired his approach and strengthened his fascination with multi-media to capture elements of his artistic vision.

Antonio took first place in the Set Sail Competition at Toronto’s Artist Project in 2014. His work has also been exhibited in a group show at the Art Yard Gallery in Toronto and the Visual Arts of Mississauga Annual Juried Show of Fine Arts at the Art Gallery of Mississauga.