Amy Jefferys

Amy Jefferys



Power in Growth

Fuelled by personal experience with depression and anxiety, the artist is inspired to encourage others to persevere and grow. She believes every human is capable of harnessing strength from their weaknesses and Her sculpture is a visual representation of growth. The tangled roots represent the inner struggles and complexity of ones thoughts while the blooms just merging from the surface show growth in spite of it.

About The Artist

Amy Jefferys is a twenty-four year old Thesis graduate from OCAD U (June 2016). She graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts and participated in a study abroad program to Florence Italy in 2014/2015. In her final year, Jeffreys was in the Thesis program where she created a body of work based on anatomy. Since graduation, she have begun freelance illustration in an anatomical field and produced sculpture work for in a show with two other artists.