Alex “Runt” Currie

Alex “Runt” Currie

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Runt Brain

This design presents the range of emotions and thoughts that happen concurrently and, at times, conflictingly, in one's brain. The overall image is one of activity and energy and reflects, ultimately, a positive view of the strength of a human being's ability to achieve mental peace.

About The Artist

Alex Currie, known as Al Runt, is a Toronto street artist renowned for painting Lee’s Palace three times. His career dates back to the ‘80s when his art was recognized at various music venues such as the Cameron House. He has also painted iconic murals at the Electric Mud restaurant, the BamBoo, the Underpass Project at the foot of River Street, and most recently, for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and industry leaders at the Fortune 500 event at the Brickworks.