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Kurt Browning

Kurt Browning

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Hello Earthlings,

Or should I say ‘Fellow Earthlings' as I have now taken up residence on this fine planet. My consciousness has travelled the universe and found corporeal form with the help of a human named Kurt Browning.  This solid form I now exist in took shape slowly starting as a blank brain-like sculpture and emerging as a combination of his love of most space-themed TV shows and some leftover skate blades he used to skate shows with.  Canadian Tire seems to have provided many of my added features and he meticulously painted me while watching Netflix.  I know my existence will help humanity and it was hard for him to give me up.  I also love that he named me Sarabellum and I will miss the long hours of time we spent together.  Oh, if you take off my glasses and look deep into my eyes you will find your own soul.  Live long and prosper!


About The Artist

Born in Rocky Mountain House, Alta., and raised in Caroline, Alta., Browning was a four-time Canadian figure skating champion and four-time World Champion. He represented Canada in three Winter Olympics, 1988 (finishing 8th overall), 1992 (6th) and 1994 (5th), and was given the privilege of carrying the Canadian flag during the opening ceremonies of the 1994 games in Lillehammer, Norway.

Browning’s other achievements are numerous, including three Canadian Professional Championships, three World Professional Championships, a Lou Marsh Trophy for top Canadian Athlete in 1990, Lionel Conacher Award winner in 1990 and 1991, Order of Canada recipient in 1990, an American Skating World Professional Skater of the Year Award in 1998, and a Gustav Lussi Award from the Professional Skaters’ Association in 2001. He is known as the Wayne Gretzky of figure skating due to his achievements, contributions to the sport and popularity in Canada.

Browning is also known for his footwork. On March 25, 1988, at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, Browning landed the first quadruple jump ever in competition. This accomplishment is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

He was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1994 and Canada’s Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 2000. He was honoured with a star on the Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2001. He also appeared in the 2006 Fox television program “Skating with Celebrities” and was the co-host of CBC’s “Battle of the Blades.”

His energy and talent are welcomed by his fans, and embraced by his fellow skaters. Browning is an absolute craftsman on skates, with a natural sense of humour that allows him to connect easily with his audiences.