Meet Two of our Artists

Meet Two of our Artists

Holly Atkinson is a multimedia artist who earned her BFA at the University of Toronto/Sheridan College and also studied in Paris, France.

She has worked as a mural artist, graphic artist, wax technician, mould maker, patineur and restoration specialist. She also designs and creates her own sculpture. Her work has been exhibited, juried and purchased throughout North America, Africa and Iceland.

Atkinson utilizes a variety of unique materials to create works that are imaginative and contemporary. She has designed pieces for awards, memorials, religious ceremonies, commissions and collections. She is a member of The Sculptors Society of Canada and Medallic Art Society of Canada. Her home and studio are located in the city of Guelph.

Dave Bagley is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Toronto. His drawing has developed over time into his own unique style. His work is inspired by nature and his own personal geometric patterns that are derived from deep within his own mind. Insects, animals and plants are represented in repetitive detail in his drawings.

Bagley’s use of the mandala evolved as he became more fascinated by the fractal mathematical structure throughout his artwork. His use of materials has expanded to include stained glass and 3-dimensional sculpture. His most important work to date was produced over an 18-year period and contains numerous personal deities that protect the palace of his inner mind.