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Artist Profiles Page (Great Canadian Minds duplicate)

Meet Our Artists

A behind-the-scenes peek at the creative minds behind The Brain Project!

The Brain Project is proud to work with artists from around the world, who bring a variety of talents to the exhibit! Keep an eye on this page leading up to our summer exhibit launch to meet the brains behind The Brain Project 2018!

Ahn, Sang Eun Headshot

Sang Eun Ahn

Sang Eun Ahn is a Korean-Canadian painter and ceramic artist. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she attended the Sunhwa Arts High School, considered one of the top art schools in the country, where she majored in visual arts and developed her fundamental artistic techniques.

After moving to Canada as a young adult, Sang worked to further her artistic credentials, graduating from Sheridan College with a major in Furniture Design. Combined with her subsequent work as a full-time artist, Sang has become proficient with paint, ceramic and design.

Her artistic practice has focused on porcelain objected designs. With a deep respect for craftsmanship, she creates porcelain objects to portray natural humaneness and benevolence. Nature serves as her primary inspirations and she often uses flowers and animal forms to achieve the humane emotional delicacy that so beautifully characterizes her work.

Lai, Amey Headshot

Amey Lai

Amey Lai is a contemporary artist born and raised in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts specializing in design. Her bold paintings command attention through their bright gestural use of colour, texture, and sense of luxuriousness. She continues to refine her unique techniques but focuses on embracing bold colour in all her works.